Survey results without a score

Aug 20, 2015

Hello team,

My organization would like to create a survey with questions based on a likert scale. The purpose is to self assess after completing a program (kind of a like a satisfaction survey).

In this kind of survey, no score is required to pass since it's all subjective about the user who is taking it. My question is, how do I capture their results (from each individual answer from a scale of 1 - 5) and track it based on each individual question?

In this way we would be able to tell for example, that 10 out of 20 users felt "very strongly" (number 5) about questions 2 and 4.

Is that even possible? Can I do that in storyline or is that something I have to talk to my LMS folks about?

Thanks very much.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Melanie,

You don't need to have a score - you could include questions that had no score and still track with a results slide which will be the tracking method you choose for your LMS publish. What type of questions will you be using? The Likert scale question is one that I know some LMSs have difficulty with capturing the users' answers. A "Thank you" result will just include that with no mention of score, but it'll still have the particular survey or non-graded questions associated with it. 

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