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Sam Carter

Honestly Alyssa, I don't want to be a basher but... things are not running well at different customers on different LMS.

Our own testing on our LMS seems to confirm many of the reports.

There's nothing exotic in our courses. Pretty much sequential playback of audio and graphics. No tricky triggers or videos. Reports in both Chrome and IE Edge show erratic playback, resume after logout doesn't resume well. [We presume this is because Storyline doesn't commit suspend data until the course is over, so any premature error is ....] Different workstations and browsers display different results. Some work, some don't.

We spend a significant percentage of our resources here chasing after problems reported by our customers. 

Just got a snapshot from a customer complaining about Storyline pulling JavaScript errors in the Chrome console. Just right-click the course window, choose "Inspect" from the drop-down menu, then click the "Console" menu to view errors.

The white is the LMS trying to alert the learner but the alert has been suppressed by Administration.

These errors aren't new. They've been reported to Articulate on more than one occasion. Perhaps these errors have no relation to the playback issues, but best case it appears to be sloppy programming.


Sam Carter

Uploading another .story file to tech support won't do any good.  Here's why:

  • Any story file of ours will find issues when deployed to the field. It isn't a particular file.
  • Problems are workstation dependent

Rarely are problems are reproducible. Today is an exception... we were able to show scrambled screen displays during playback on "one" workstation here. Just what the customer reported. We are unable to identify the cause, so clear cache, reboot, check for any hardware/software updates. We will see if the problem then persists. Then more time to go from there.

We are spending considerable efforts in time, people, hardware, customer interactions to identify and address these issues.

Uploading one of our .story files will likely result in no problem found, but thank you for offering.


Alyssa Gomez

Hey, Sam. I can understand why you don't want to share a project file, and we will try our best to help you without one. 

Aside from requesting a project file, I see John asked for a few other critical details in his recent email to you. That information will be incredibly helpful as we try and work towards a solution.