Suspend data maxing out issue

Hi, we are losing bookmarking capabilities caused by the suspend data being maxed out.  When the user exits a course and returns they are brought back to a certain point in the course that they already passed (example 10 lessons, the user completes 8 then leaves and come back to mid point of lesson 2). I was able to do a count on the number of characters in the suspend data and figured out that if we delete the unwanted states of buttons and questions, it gives us more space BUT once we send the course to translation and we import that translations back into the course, it keeps all the English suspend data and then it adds the French on top of it causeing almost triple the amount of data used. Same if we delete slides or edit certain interactions it seems to keep that data instead of removing it and adds more. When a course goes through multiple changes and updates before it is ready to go live it is crazy the amount of suspend data that is kept. Its as if once we get final approval on a course then we have to open a blank one and copy and paste the content to redo the course. Copying the slide itself brings over the suspend data so we must copy and paste the content in a new project. IS there a way, without starting from scratch, to clear unused suspend data? I know Scorm 1.2 allows for a certain amount of suspend data characters (4096) and that 2004 offers way more (64000) but our LMS only supports Scorm 1.2.

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