SVG States Not Changing Correctly--Another BUG

Background: I added small SVGs to the master slide for custom questions so that the learner could track their progress. If they get the question incorrect then thee state changes to "incorrect" (astronaut). Likewise if they answer correctly they change to a state "correct" (robot). I've also added variables to the master so they can see how many have been answered correctly and how many have not.

  • After answering the 1st question incorrectly, the 2nd question slide should show a state change for question 1 to "incorrect" (astronaut).
    • When only SVGs were used for all states, the "incorrect" state of Q1 appears on top of the "normal" state of Q1, i.e. there is an astronaut on top of the star with a number 1 in it.
  • I then used the identical logic but with a PNG for the "normal" state, and both the "correct" and "incorrect" states used SVGs
    • This time the image updated properly to reflect an incorrect answer (astronaut). 

This looks like another SVG but to me.

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Walt Hamilton

When you created the Incorrect state, did you duplicate the Normal state, then delete the star?  If you don't absolutely, absolutely, absolutely have to have an SVG, remember this is a visual medium, and nothing has to do what you want. It only has to look like it is doing it. I doubt your learners can tell the difference between the png and the svg.

Barry Stoner

I think I have a simillar issue here. 

I have used an SVG on a normal state that I have since wanted to change. I changed the file using the Media library and the old SVG file no longer exists in the Media library (as expected).

In the Storyline source file I can no longer see the old SVG, but when I preview or publish the course, the old SVG is displayed behind the new one.  

If I remove the image from the state and add something else entirely, the old SVG is still shown behind it. And I cannot get rid of it!

Math Notermans

In this post i discussed this with Jurgen Schoenemeyer. Endconclusion was that Articulate implements states in buttons different then in images. Plain PNGs work properly but the statechange on buttons and SVGs is implemented in a different way. Thats causing the issue. Articulate should fix this and implement a state the same overall. The way it is implemented for pngs. Jurgen really describes the differences perfectly in this post.