SWF load time, effecting timeline animations?

Apr 02, 2013

Hi All

I have a module created and loaded in Articulate online, most slides have an animated cartoon character created using Character Builder with the vocie over embeded in character builder, the output from this is SWF.

Previewing the project locally, all timings are fine, however when I view the project online my timings are out, the character points to an action on the time line but the action has already occured. My suscpision is the SWF seems to take 2~3 seconds (inconsistant timing) to load then start but the time line has already begun so my animations are out of sync also causes the charcter to have not completed the comments prior to slide transition. My concern is if the timing inconsistancies are due to SWF load time then the timing error will be dependant on the users internet connection, thus adjusting the timing for one user will ony compound the problem for others.

Has anyone seen this issue or any ideas?

I will leave the item on this link while I seek comments on the phenomena.


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Colin Harm

Thanks for looking

it seems to be inconsitant, the charcter should begin at the start of every slide, but every now and then the character is delayed at the start but the time line continues, this puts the animations out of sequence. Check the ECONAVI section as it has the longest videos.

I do not know why the pause button does not pause the video, I inserted all the swf files as SWF, I am currently trying to redo them by inserting them as Video but this also does not fix the pause button not working. I think I will remove the seek bar to resolve this. But it means the user cannot pause the training once they have begun a section. 

I will wait for some others to test it to see if they are also seeing the timing discrepencies.

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