Swipe Gestures for Windows 10/Chrome

Hi all,

I'm developing a piece in Storyline 3 to go on to an interactive touch screen device that is powered by a Windows 10 PC running Chrome.

I (wrongly) assumed that I could use swipe gestures on any touch screen device, whether it was IOS/Android/Windows but appears that it only comes in to play when using Mobile Chrome on a tablet.

It is quite important I get swipe gestures to work so has any clever souls found a workaround for this? Or for the Articulate support team, have you got any help/advice for me to be able to get this to work?

We're getting the screens built at the moment and I am testing on a Surface Pro using win10/chrome until we get delivery of them and desperately scrabbling around for a solution.

Any assistance will be very much appreciated!

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Brian Allen

Are you publishing for HTML5 only, or are you including the Flash output?

I've not had time to test the attached .story file, nor do I have access to a surface pro to test, but the workaround used in it is one we used to use before SL had real swipe gesture support, and it worked well.