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Nov 06, 2018



Is there a way I can preview swipe next slide/swipe previous slide on my PC  the modern player with menu&controls? 

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Jose Antonio Gomes


I thought I've found aworkaround to prevoew swipe, well and I did, but now I have another problem.
I publish the presentation and then, in chrome, I press F12 and I can see how it would look in a phone and even swipe with the mouse...
But now I have added sound and the sound doesn't play when I preview it in that way... any thoughts?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jose,

Does the sound work on a mobile device? It may be a limitation of Chrome's mobile preview, so I'd suggest testing in on some mobile devices, and if you don't have any handy I'm happy to help. Include a link to your course here and I can test on various iOS and Android devices. 

If the audio doesn't work for me either, we can have you work directly with our Support Team to narrow down the issue in the file itself. 

Crystal Horn

Hi Jose! To test on a mobile device, please upload your output to either a web server or a learning management system where you can access the course using your mobile browser (Google Chrome or Safari).

If you need access to a quick server option where you can temporarily host your zipped web output, check out Tempshare (linked in that article)! Just be sure to include Flash output as a fallback in your publishing.

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