Sync Text (as it appears word by word) with Audio

I have a sample slide with simple text.I need to develop it in Storyline 2 with audio.Text needs to be synced with audio word by word as it appears on screen.

Please guide me how to do it.Can anyone send me a storyline file with just a single sentence synced word by word with audio or guide me how to do it?

I have attached the slide sample along with the audio for the 1st sentence.


Thanks for your time.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Joydeep,

This may be something where you need to have each work in a separate text box and appear with the audio. If it is a PNG file you added into Storyline, you may be able to cover the words with objects that have the same background color, and have those disappear when the Text needs to appear.

Emily Ruby

Hi Joydeep,

You may want to look at this article about using cue points to sync audio as well. I do not think there would be an easy way to do this, as there is not animation available to have the words come in one by one, but you can submit a feature request as Ashley stated. 

i will put a sample file together in a little bit with one idea on how to achieve this.

Abhishek Roy

thanks for the tip.

i managed to sync the audio word by word somehow.But the problem is that, when i'm previewing it in a browser, the story.html & story_html5.html are behaving differently on two browsers - Chrome(40.0.2214.115 m) & Firefox(33.0).The html5 version audio & animation is totally disabled in Firefox.


Please take a look at the links below:

Normal (w/o HTML5)

HTML5 version

Christine Hounsham

Hi All, Abhishek, I don't envy you having to sync on-screen text word by word.  Still a bit fiddly, but as an alternate method I was wondering if you sync line by line; have the line covered when it appears behind a shape (same colour as background); use exit abomination on the shape slide out left to right in (app) time with audio.  Just make sure that anywhere where there are long pauses, that would break the flow of the exit, jump to a new line. 

Possible alternative but no clear winner sorry what would be easiest way.

regards Christine 

Lucy Diamond

I noticed this post was first made two years ago. Have any updates been made to Storyline 3?  I'm wondering if there's a a to sync audio to animated, highlighted text, word by word, for language learning? If so, is it also possible to apply this feature to other languages for language training? Thanks.