Syncing shapes to an imported video on the timeline

Mar 04, 2013

I have an imported video on a slide that I want to add shapes/text to. I've had no issues importing the video or adding the shapes/text.

The problem is that what I see when previewing it on the slide's timeline never matches the preview/published version. If I move the playhead to a section I want to preview and press play, it shows me something different each time (off by a second or more). Is there a way that will allow me to sync the video to the timeline so that when I move the playhead it will actually show me the correct part of the video?


Sorry if this was covered in an earlier post (I searched and couldn't find the answer).

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Joe Slawski

Thanks for your quick replies!

Since my last post, I've tested a few other videos (imported) and I'm having the same issue. If I add a shape at say 55 seconds in the timeline, move the playhead to 50 seconds and then press play, the shape appears right away even though it clearly starts at 55 seconds. Oddly, if I press the stop button (which puts the playhead at 00 seconds, move the playhead to the 50 second mark and press play, the shape doesn't appear until the 55 second mark (which is correct). I'm guessing that continuously moving the playhead somehow messes with the sync between the video's time and the Storyline slide timeline (?).

Unfortunately, I can't upload my video (due to sensitive information), but maybe you'll be able to recreate the issue based on my information above.

Thanks again for your replies

Jean-Mathieu Bazinet

Hello everybody. I am living the same issue on my project. I have used the capture screen tool to capture a demo video. I transformed it into a step by step try mode and I added some highlight on some sections of the video. When I preview the slide, everything  is okay, but when I touch the player's timeline, the video is just stopping, so my highlight still appear in the good slide's timing but don't fit with the video's timing.

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