Syncing slide layers with 1 audio track on base layer

Hi Everyone-

I have attempted to sync 3 slide layers with 1 audio track on my base layer.  In order to accomplish this, I inserted my sound file.  Then, I created 3 slide layers.  Then, I created 3 rectangles that are off to the side of the slide (so they don't appear on the slide).  I then set three cue points for the rectangle on the timeline and created triggers for each of the rectangles so the layers will appear as they reach the rectangle location on the timeline.  However, only the first trigger works.  When the timeline reaches the 2nd and 3rd trigger, those slide layers do not appear.  The settings are the same as the first slide layer/rectangle/trigger.  Any ideas why this might be?

Thanks for any ideas you can share.


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Rachel Hoffman

I think I figured out what I did wrong.  In making my slide layers, somehow, I deleted the duration of the slide layer  (not where the rectangles are located on the timeline, but on the slide layers themselves).  I created new layers for those two problematic layers and the problem is fixed.  So relieved!