Syncing voice with bullets

Aug 06, 2013

I am buildiong a presentation in Storyline, and I want to sync my voice to the bullets so as I say the text in each bullet, the bullets appear.  I know that I can do this in PowerPoint, but I have already built the presentation in Storyline. How do I do this?

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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Andrew: Yeah, this is far from intuitive.

  • Go to your main text box with all bullets, select it, and then go to your animations. Select fade in by first level paragraph.
  • Go to you main text box again, and click on the little arrow things to the left. Doing so will bring up the individual bullets that you can set to various point in the timeline.
Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Andrew,

Just to add a little to what Daniel said, when you click on that "little paragraph thingy," the text box in the timeline area expands. See screenshot

Now that the items have been expanded, you can drag each of them in the timeline to the desired location, say, like this

By the way, one nice way to sync is to play the audio, and then press the letter "c" on the keyboard whenever you think text should "come in." Afterward, you can right-click on each text area in the timeline and choose to align it to the cue point. There's a little more information about there here. Please shout out with any more questions.

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