System variables list - official or unofficial

May 06, 2016

Hi guys

I have seen various threads on this one but I am not sure what the current situation is.

Is there a list, official or unofficial, of system variables that I might read with a view to copying to a user variable e.g. current slide name or current layer name.

I simply wish to read them as I can in Captivate.




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Darin Fennell

Let's say I wanted to display a slide layer in the Conclusion slide that contains text based on what the user's score is in the module (with questions throughout the module). Is there a way to have a trigger that says, "display layer x if score > 80" and another that says, "display layer y if score < 80"? I was hoping to do this to provide a more personalized response based on the user's score. 

Wendy Farmer

Sure Darin - you could create your customised layers and then add the triggers using the result variables.

These are the result variables that are created when you add a result slide to a quiz so you could pull those variable references to use in triggers.  Similar to how the success/fail layers display on the result slide using the > than < less conditions.


Darin Fennell


Thanks for your reply. As I look at your example and the variables on my Results slide, I notice they have periods in them. When I try and create a variable, however, it does not seem to let me add a period to the variable name. Am I missing something?

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Walt Hamilton

You don't need to create the variables. They are created when you create a results slide. To use them the way Wendy suggested, you create a condition for the trigger, and they will be listed among the other variables.

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