Tab interaction / displaying individual notes

Hi everyone,

Have I missed something? I would like to use a tab interaction but also display individual notes. I'm sure there must be something on the forums about this, but don't seem to be able to find it.

I was planning on having seven tabs on a folder and changing the states on the tabs when someone has visited it. BUT I also need the individual notes. The lightbox is just a bit too small - would prefer it all in the overall size.

At the moment my only idea is to not display the tabs when showing the individual slides and when the learner clicks next they are returned to the overview page, set with a resumed saved state, so that the learner can see what he's looked at. But it would be much neater to have the tabs displayed on all the pages, but how do I then work the states? Would I need a counter (true/false) on each tab? Is there a quick and smart way?

Thanks for your help,


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Mike Taylor

Hi Kim! Are the notes you want to include a transcript of the audio or something different? There isn't any way to add different notes for different layers using the built-in notes area. But there are several options for including them on each layer.  Here is one that uses a scrolling panel and another really nice, efficient option that even includes an on/off toggle button for the notes. . 

Could something along those lines work for you? 

Kim Alison

Hi Mike,

The resources are great but unfortunately the client would like the transcript of the audio in the notes panel.

I've been working with the SL template from the download section and have come up with this?

I hope I haven't missed anything and that it will work okay. What do you think?

Kim Alison

Thank you Mike for helping. Yes, that's a good idea - I'll change that.

When is it better to make graphics out of the objects? Do I do this to save space but then I loose the flexibility of changing colours on the quick? Is it just a matter of taste?

Would it be better to put the tabs on the master or wouldn't the triggers work then? Or is this also just a matter of taste?