Tab key needs to be hit twice to move to next button

Mar 14, 2022

Hi.  I have a course with all custom buttons.  My buttons have two States, Normal and Hover.  When I Preview the course and TAB through the buttons it takes two hits of the TAB key to go from button to button vs one hit.  Anyone have a fix for this?  

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Russ,

I appreciate you reaching out to share what you are experiencing with your custom buttons.

  • How were these created?
  • Is it multiple shapes to create the button, and the screen reader may be selecting an additional item?

I'd recommend double-checking the alt text of the items:

Storyline 360: Adding Alternative Text for Screen Readers

If you need any help, feel free to attach a slide to your reply here, and we can take a look.

Russ Lickteig

Hi Leslie,

The screen shot below shows the State for the Next button.  All of my buttons have two states with a single SVG file for each state.  Not multiple items.  


Another issue I just noticed is that when I publish the course to the Review page to share with people the text is changing from standard weight to a bold weight.  I assume this is an SVG bug?  Do I have to do anything in post publishing with SVG items like this?  

Russ Lickteig

Hi Leslie,


More research here.  I just created a new button from SVGs and it works fine.  The buttons I am having issues with originally had PNG files as States but I "replaced" the images for each state with SVG files.  Apparently, that does not work.  I assume this is a bug?  Now I have to go in and create all-new buttons.  Can you confirm if this is a known issue?