Tab order - from SUBMIT button back to content

When I am using the tab button on the keyboard to navigate through the course, and I get to a slide that has a Free Form Interaction, I can tab through the slide content to the navigation and select SUBMIT.

However, at this point one more TAB does not get me to the feedback, instead the focus is still in the navigation and bottom bar. I have to TAB through the volume, seekbar, replay button, etc. before I get to the feedback.

This doesn't make a lot of sense - any way focus could be put back on the slide content like when one hits PREV or NEXT? Logically, after hitting Submit with a correct/incorrect feedback layer, the focus should always be moved to that layer.


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Keith K.

Just to add to this, I created a custom Submit button on the slide that submits my interaction. I then edited the Tab Order for that slide so that the feedback text and feedback continue button are right afterwards. However, when I submit, and then hit TAB on the keyboard, I still have to tab through all the navigation/bottom bar before the yellow rectangle gets back to the feedback layer.

It's definitely counter-intuitive. If I have a normal non-freeform-interaction button that shows a layer, and using the keyboard I press that button and then tab, it still continues with the normal tab order so I can have the layer right after the button. Why is that not the case here?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Keith,

I'm not sure I'm clear on your set up here - but as I understand it, the tab order reverts back to the player between slides or layers? I'm assuming you're on the latest update since you're able to use the custom tab order but did you also look at skipping the navigation as detailed here. 

Keith K.

Hi Ashley,

Yes, I am on the latest SL2 version. Normally, tab order always follows the custom tab order. But when I submit an interaction, whether it is via the Submit button on the player frame or via my own submit button, it always bypasses the tab order so that the next tab always loops through the player frame navigation (volume, seekbar, replay button...) before getting back to the slide content.

When navigating with a screen reader, this is especially frustrating, as after hitting submit and hitting tab, you still have to listen and keep tabbing through every navigation and seekbar button before you get to the feedback itself being read out.

I hope this makes it a bit clearer. Thanks!

*Edit: Skipping the navigation does not apply in this situation. That happens when you get past all slide content and is an option to go back to the slide content instead of having to tab through the nav. In this case, a tab after submit goes right to the navigation without getting to the skip navigation segment. But regardless, it should go to the next object in the tab order.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Keith, 

Thanks for sharing some additional info here and I know I just responded to another thread where you were having difficulty with tabbing, so perhaps to get a clear picture of what you have set up and the issues you've run into it would be best to have a sample file of yours to take a look at. You can share it here or send it along to our team here. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Keith, 

Thanks for sharing that project file here as that helped me clearly see and understand your set up. I see what you're describing, and so I also looked at testing the published output that I upload here.  When testing it there, if I selected the correct answer and saw the appropriate layer I could press the enter key and it brought me to the next slide - although nothing was highlighted or selected in terms of the "continue" button it seems the focus is still there. When on the incorrect layer the same behavior did not occur. If I used the Shift +Tab it cycled backwards first to the "continue" button so it seems the slide's focus is in a bit of limbo on those feedback slides. I'm going to share this with our team as I don't see anything documented differently in regards to tab order and feedback layers, and since it behaves differently than your pop up layer its problematic.

I am not able to offer a time frame in regards to when I'll hear back from our QA team, so in the meantime I'd look at using the workaround of creating your own custom feedback layers or including directions to users about how the tabbing will work on the feedback layers. Once I have additional information to share, I'll update you here. 

Mark Nolker

Ashley and Keith,

Has there been any further discussion regarding this topic? I am encountering the same issue on my end. I have been looking for workarounds such as using JavaScript to assign focus to an element on the layer with no luck. I would love to discuss this further if any one has come up with a solution.



Mark Nolker


Sorry to be a broken record, but do you by chance have any updates on this issue. Do you know whether it will be (or has been) resolved with Articulate 360 or Articulate 3 when it is released?

This is a bit of a thorn in my side with my accessibility team and I would love to find a resolution... even if it is some type of workaround (i.e. JavaScript or creative triggers). Thank you so much for your help. I know there is only so much you can do, but any advice from the Articulate team regarding workarounds etc. and timeframe for a fix would be greatly appreciated.


Leslie McKerchie

Hello Mark - While I do not have an update to share yet, I will say we're working to better prioritize and gauge user impact - so thank you for bringing this back to our attention. This will allow me to share a bit more with the team. That still does not provide a timeframe, but Ashley did share a couple of workaround ideas above as you can see here. Not sure if you saw that, but they are:

  • Create your own feedback layers
  • Instruct users to use "Shift+Tab" to select continue 

Not sure if one of those will assist you in your project.