Tab order issue with next button when state changes to Normal

Hi: I'm having an issue with the tab order. Tabbing through my course keeps skipping over the next button as soon as I add any additional triggers or variables.

I want the next button to be in it's Normal state when timeline ends or audio completes etc. so the user cannot navigate off the page until the slide completes. I'm sure this worked in older versions of Storyline. I'm working with Storyline 360.

I have tried changing the state of the next button with just triggers, problem persists. I changed this to a true/false variable and the problem still persists. 

I did publish to our STAGE LMS (Sumtotal) and the problem still exists, in view mode in Storyline and on LMS.

I've attached a 3 page file for reference (just storyline file zipped, not SCORM). Any help greatly appreciated.


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Vincent Scoma

Hey Christine,

That is odd! I tested your course and found that when I tabbed through the options, the next button wouldn't highlight for me either. I tried to adjust some of the triggers/adjust the tab order, but the tabbing feature would keep skipping the next button. I do want to reach out to our Support Engineers on this for a second opinion and to see if there is anything else that I might be missing. I will be opening up a case so we can continue to troubleshoot this further! 

Please let me know if you have any questions!