Tab order issues

Feb 26, 2019

Hello everyone,

I am facing few issues in Tab order of Storyline 3, which are:

1.       Sequencing issue of Tab order with 2 tables - Every time I set the order, click save and then close the Tab order window. On re-opening the Tab order window the Table order gets jumbled. Although the Tab order is working fine with 1 table.

2.       Reattempt is available on Post Assessment review – After completing the Post Assessment and on reviewing the questions, the choices are selectable using Tab key and user can re-submit the question.

3.       Glossary terms are not accessible – Using Tab key a learner can’t select the terms visible under glossary tab, whereas they are accessible through click.

4.       Non Expandable and Restricted Menu – If we chose to make the Menu restricted than by using keyboard learner can’t access previously visited slides. And the Menu headers are not expandable even if the Menu is Free.

Please help in resolving these issues.


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Katie Riggio

Hi, Anne. Welcome, and sorry to hear you're facing this roadblock!

Although I don't have a solution to share from Farah's support case, we're happy to keep digging! A few questions to help us unlock this puzzle:

  • What version of Storyline are you using?
  • Could you share more detail on what happens when you re-open the Tab Order window? Is the saved order missing or is it out of the desired position?
  • Does this behavior happen on any project file or a specific one?

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