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Aug 04, 2014

I am working on a project that needs to be accessible compliant. I created some buttons that show layers and also change the state of another object (visual queue for sighted learners). I went into the settings for the sighted-learner objects and turned off the setting that makes them visible to Accessibility tools (in each state). See attached demo file.

The problem is, the objects that are not supposed to be visible to accessibility are still highlighting when I tab through the previewed/published page. Is there some other setting I am missing?

Note the reason I am using an invisible button and a separate object is a discovered the standard "spacebar" to active a button does not work with a button that has an image imported on a state. For some reason that breaks Storyline's built in keyboard access for button settings.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jen and welcome to Heroes!

Thanks for sharing your file here. I took a look, and I'm curious if you could point me to a particular button or object that you're referring to. I suspect it's connected to a known issue where if items are grouped together or you've added an additional object to the state of an item on your screen, the alt text feature for tabbing and seeing the yellow highlight box is still active even though it's been disabled on both elements.

I took a look, and although I see a series of states associated with the "ACCESS" and "explore more" buttons they appear blank - so I can't tell that there is anything on them? Not sure if that is by design when looking at this, but wanted to confirm with you before I added this to the existing QA report. If that's not by design, there may be something off in the file overall - which is causing the issues. You'll want to confirm you're working on your Storyline project and the associated files as described here.

Jen Driscol

Hi Ashley,

The specific objects I'm having trouble with are the images for ACCESS behind the A, C1, C2, E, S1, and S2 buttons. I had to create an image with states the transparent button sitting on top adjusts because when I add an image to a button the keyboard access stops working (by which I mean if I add an image to a button, tabbing to the image with the keyboard and pressing space no longer works).

I need to keep keyboard access functions working, so I created the transparent buttons. Then I made the images invisible to Accessibility tools using the Alt Text functions. You mentioned that there is a known issue with an image with alt text feature on an image with states, is there more information on that?

The main problem is that since both the transparent button and the image are select-able with the tab key the learner will not know which selected item the spacebar will activate (showing the layer) and this could cause confusion or frustration.

One thought I had is making the three states of the images all separate image files and then choosing to show or hide them using triggers, but this will be even more work than what I have done already. Do you know I use the hidden "state" if it will behave the same way as it is now (no longer recognizing the Alt Text setting)?

I am building the file locally on my machine and right now I am testing it locally as well, eventually I will need to deploy the course through our corporate LMS.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jen,

Thanks for clarifying that. When I was clicking on your images, I didn't notice that there was a transparent shape over the top of them.

Now that I can look at the individual buttons and how you've set up the selected state, I see that you've add the object into the state and that matches the issue that has been reported to our QA team. Where although the items are all set to not have the alt text enabled, they're still picked up by the tab key. I don't have any updates on where this issue stands with our QA team, but in the previous case the workaround was to you put the hover state (or in you scenario selected) objects on a new layer and add a trigger to show that layer instead of using the normal edit states functionality. I'm not sure that would work with this based on the layers you're already using - but it sounds like your other idea would work as well. If all the images are all separate and shown based on trigger alone, not relying on state - the hidden state should work as expected, as long as you don't group two items together in a state.

I'll add this thread to the existing QA report so that I can update you here when there is additional information to share.

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