Tabbing glitch in SL2


Has anyone else experienced a glitch where if you have your first slide set to only show the "Next" button and then the rest of the slides showing both the "Next" and "Previous" buttons and not being able to, from the second slide on, access the player tabs on the top of the player screen (ie. Resources, or Exit buttons) when tabbing through?

This seems to be a pretty significant glitch for accessibility reasons.  Submitted a ticket but hoping someone else has had this issue and has found a solution.

PS-I am using SL2 with the most recent updates as of 6/26/15

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Patrick Thompson

Case #00585895

I got an email today saying that they have submitted my case to the Quality Assurance team for their review and were unfortunately unable to determine a workaround. They could not offer a time frame for when or if the issue will be resolved.  

I guess it is a bug.  This is a huge hit to our interactives.  Essentially making the courses inaccessible.  First time I've run into a problem this severe (in my opinion) with articulate, especially considering the most recent update addressing accessibility.

Thank you for the reply.