Tabbing Issues on Text Entry Freeform Questions

Dec 09, 2020

I'm having an issue using the Tab key to submit freeform text entry questions. I've set Tab as the submit key in my form view for each question. However when I type the correct response and press the Tab key I receive an error message stating "Invalid Answer You must complete the question before submitting."

I am designing a software simulation and I want the learner to be able to tab through each field as they fill in the information. There are 17 fields in total on the form and some fields allow for different input types (For instance date can be entered as 12/09/2020 or 12092020) so I want each of the fields to represent a separate question. I've attached a file that mirrors what I'm experiencing. What am I missing?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Matt!

Thank you so much for sharing your project! After taking a look, I see what you're noticing with the Incorrect pop-up appearing after pressing TAB. 

It looks like you're trying to change the default keyboard shortcuts, which can be done with most keys except for the TAB and Enter key. TAB is used to move through interactive elements, even on a webpage, and Enter is used to submit interactions like clicking on a link. In this case, the trigger to submit the interaction when pressing the TAB key is ignored because of its default settings. Instead, I'd recommend using the Enter key to submit the Text Entry.

Here are common keyboard shortcuts that already have actions tied to them. Link