Tablet finger swipe

I'd like to create the effect of a finger swiping across a tablet/iPad, and then after the finger "swipes, automatically go to the next slide (layer?) to present the tablet content. I seem to recall seeing something stages of an object  that "looks" like the object is moving when the stages of the object are triggered, but I cannot locate it.  Thank you!!!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Kelly,

So, you're wanting to animate a graphic of the finger, or the content that's appearing as though it's swiping, correct?

You could definitely do this with layers and some animations.

How about something like this?

Swipe Example for Kelly

Please keep in mind that I just threw this together. I know the timing, etc., could be better, but I just wanted to see if this type of effect would work for you.

I'm also attaching the example, just in case you want to check it out.

Ron San

I accomplished this (next and previous swipes) by adding following in the of the Master Slide Template (see attached):

a rectangle shape at bottom for swiping
one hotspot on each side outside the slide area for the swipe object to be dropped on
two 'Object Dragged Over' triggers
a Mask shape, which is in FRONT of the swipe object (#1), to conceal the swipe object when user swipes diagonally (instead of linear swipe)
matching colors in swipe object, swipe mask and slide background to conceal the swipe object
'Cover' Transition for the slides
This still has some limitations (e.g. Transition is same whether you navigate Next or Previous), but for the most part it should recreate the finger swipe effect the users come to expect on mobile devices.

If you do reuse the template, dont forget to adjust the story size to your liking before adding any content.

Hope this helps.