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kristen kline

That's actually in my RISE :)

The only thing I am not understanding is why when I am on verifying account ID layer, the correct account checkbox can still be checked and the same thing on the last layer (you completed) checkbox 4 and 5 aren't going hidden even though it says to.  This is the part I want to understand where I am not getting it correct.


Thanks again for helping me to understand

Diane Fallier

The triggers for check 4 were reversed as far as what you were hiding and what was becoming normal (they don't match the pattern of the other check boxes). The 5 rectangle was off the screen so the 5 checkbox was available during the whole screen.

I would recommend using more descriptive names. Rather than 1-5 maybe hide1 - hide5. It took me a while to figure out what names were doing what.