Taking to long to unlock next button to progress

Jan 25, 2016

Hello. I have an issue. I have tried two different ways of adding "next buttons". What i mean by this, is we set the slide so that the user cannot progress to the next slide until the voice over has completed. We have tried creating a variable for each slide and setting the variable to true when the voiceover is complete. This is will then set the next button to be clickable. Recently, I found that the player has a setting under the menu tab that has a navigation restriction. Trying both options, we are seeing some of the slides (NOT ALL OF THEM) having a lag time between the voiceover completing and it letting you click the next button. Its a pretty noticeable lag that the users are complaining. We did check the voiceover to make it was not still playing without and sounds and its not....any suggestions on why this is happening? Any one else have this issue?

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David Jordan

Can you attach your .Story? My only guess without seeing it would be that on the slides where you notice the lag, there are other triggers executing or processing during that time, and the next button has to wait its turn before being able to activate. maybe rearranging the order of some triggers would fix that. But thats just a wild guess, no way to know without the .Story unless someone has seen the issue previously. 

David Jordan

ok, looks like an easy fix. If you notice the timeline on those particular slides, the objects in the timeline extends well beyond the end of the audio. It is considering the whole timeline as the "media" . If you drag the end of the timeline back to the end of the audio it removes the lag. I did this for each of the listed slides and had no lag after that. 

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