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Walt Hamilton

Animations only occur when an object appears or disappears, so you need to do something creative to create the illusion that you want. One thing you might do is to create an object. Create an exact duplicate and place it exactly on top of the first. Set the initial state of the second object to hidden. Create a trigger on the first object that changes the state of the second to normal when the user clicks the first object. You may need to set the state of object to hidden before you make the second object normal.

Ridvan  Saglam

Hi Lynda, 

What kind of animations would you like to add to the object?

If it is one of the enter animations, here is the way; add the animation you want to the object and copy it, then create a new state, delete the object and paste the animated one. 

Remove the animation from the Normal state.

Here is a gif showing it in action;