Sep 16, 2014

animation object on video timeline
it works when video plays non-stop, but if i want to play video by 20 sec or 1:35 (etc) - the animation object dont play. why?
for example,
my animation object go play on 95sec, i dont want to see video on start, i play on 90 sec and my animation object dont play.
but if video play on start-time - animation object plays.
what i can do?
thank you
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Emily Ruby

Hello Margarita,

Welcome to Heroes!

I have tested adding a video and an animation, both starting a few seconds into the timeline, and both showed up as expected.

It may be easier to help troubleshoot if we could see your file.

If you would like to share it, or even the one slide, you can do this using the paperclip icon.

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