Team Templates in Storyline 360

Our team just started sharing some of our work as templates in SL 360. We did not look into the proper standards for doing so ahead of time. When we share a template, where is that file stored? We want to make edits to some of them. Is it a parent/child relationship with the original file and the file that is available in the templates in storyline?

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Katie Riggio

Hey there, Kyle!

To access shared slides, click on the Slides tab on the Storyline ribbon. Then, click on the top half of the Team Slides button. More on working with Teams Slides here


Additionally, Team Slides are stored on our secure Articulate Servers. When a Team Slide is downloaded to a Storyline project, that slide is then stored locally in this location:  %LOCALAPPDATA%

Does that help with what you're looking for?