Tell me like it is. Does Storyline 360 REPLACE Storyline 2? Rise???

Nov 17, 2016

Like the title states. I sometimes get lost in the cool hip wordings of new releases. If they had called it Storyline 3 I would get it... Is Storyline 360 basically Storyline "3", aimed at replacing the functionality of Storyline 2 much like Windows 7 replaced Windows Vista?

Again, the cool kid at the lunch table needs to explain what "Rise" is? Is this the same thing as "storyline 360" so basically we are just throwing around these software names as synonyms?

ha. Sorry for being EXTREMELY NEWB on this. I'm just trying to have a mental plan for what software I need to be on right now in my life and am currently learning Storyline 2. Thanks for any help understanding this!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Arthur,

Great questions and hopefully I can assuage your fears, concerns and get you on the right track! Hopefully we'll also get away from the comparison to Windows Vista! That's taking me way back. :) 

Storyline 2 will remain and continue to be supported, and we also have plans to release another perpetual version of Storyline and Studio sometime in 2017. So if you dig Storyline 2 and just want to keep using that one, awesome! We certainly don't want to stop you and will continue guide you on that path. When the next iteration of perpetual Storyline comes up, you may want to look at upgrading to that version as it'll include a lot of the features you're seeing in this new release of Storyline 360. 

Articulate 360 which encompasses Storyline 360, Studio 360, Rise, Peek, etc. is a new subscription product for us in that you get all the tools necessary to create the e-learning content you need. The great thing about subscription is that we can push updates, features, and fixes much faster than in the perpetual world - especially when it comes to the web based sections of Articulate 360 such as Rise, Peek and Content Library. 

Rise and Storyline 360 are both within the suite of tools available as a part of Articulate 360 but they'll server different needs and purposes. While Storyline 360 does have a new responsive player allowing you to view the content you've published on any device and continue to easily navigate that, Rise courses are fully responsive. You build a Rise course once, and it'll fit each computer, tablet, and smartphone perfectly. I think the best example of what this looks like is the "Getting Started" video that is available within Rise. You'll see the content automatically and fairly magically reflow to fit on the smaller screens and devices without any additional work for you. 

Now as far as being at the "cool kids" table, I can't say that's my scene - but you've always got a spot here in the community forums and we're happy to help answer questions from newbies and veterans alike. We're all just on a journey. 

Billy Zwiener

Hey, I appreciate your reply and I didn't mean to be insulting with the "cool kid lunch table" remark. Ha. Everyone on here is actually awesome and you're the best! I'm down with whatever scene you're in. :)

A question I have that maybe you can address is would Articulate 360 convert files made by Storyline 2 into being used on mobile devices? For example. I created some terms drag and drop projects in storyline 2. Would Rise import those files and then publish them so that the project was now compatible with mobile devices or would I have to rebuild the project from the ground up within Rise?

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Arthur,  you can convert Storyline 2 files into Storyline 360. Storyline 360 has much improved html5 handling and has a new responsive player when viewed on mobile devices. 

You cannot convert an SL 2 project or a SL 360 project for that matter into RIse as it is a totally different product and has a totally different framework. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

No offense taken Arthur - and glad I could answer your questions. Looks like Nancy beat me to it in terms of compatibility and you'll also want to be aware that when you upgrade a file into Storyline 360 that new version will no longer be backwards compatible to Storyline 2. It will automatically make a back up copy so that you can use that version within Storyline 2.

Andy Jones

To add a burning question that I'm sure is on many peoples minds - will the new perpetual version of Storyline be compatible with Articulate (and therefore Storyline) 360?  We have clients that use (and will use) one or the other.  I would hope that you won't release one version of Storyline (360) only to add further features to Storyline 3 forcing smaller companies to buy both (please!)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andy,

We're still working out the details of this, as Storyline 3 is still a product in development and the release date or full feature list hasn't been nailed down yet. I can confirm that when Storyline 3 launches you'll be able to open existing Storyline 360 files within Storyline 3 to continue your work inside that tool. 

There will be some connection between features and being able to use content created in Storyline 360 when Storyline 3 launches, but as Storyline 360 continues to have new features and elements added, those features may not work in Storyline 3. 

Andy Jones

Thanks for the really prompt reply Ashley.  So what you're saying is that it'll be best to move to Storyline 360 but be aware that for clients using Storyline 3 (when it comes) there will be some features they may not get and so need to be avoided.  These features being the exciting new ones you keep adding to Storyline 360 because of the subscription model :).  Makes sense and follows the Adobe 'keep updating and adding new stuff so everyone eventually moves to the latest and greatest' subscription model (which I like).  Thank you!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andy,

Sounds fairly accurate... so when Storyline 3 is out, the features that you see in Storyline 360 today such as Dials, responsive player, HTML5 only publish, etc. will be things that get carried over to Storyline 3. Features that are added to Storyline 360 after the release of Storyline 3 are the items and files that may not work if you then tried to open that file in Storyline 3. 

Other Articulate 360 specific elements such as Content Library, Articulate Review will remain a part of the entire 360 subscription. 

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