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I would like to build a Storyline template with the following criteria

·             Randomised question and answer quiz sets

·            Capacity to continue the quiz at the point of a previous log off (ie., the score will accumulate with each attempt until all questions have been answered)

·            All retries will only consist of failed questions

·            Multiple attempts will be allowed until all failed questions have been answered correctly (ie., 100% is achieved). A time delay will be introduced after the first attempt

·            The result slide will indicate 100% correct of all quiz questions

·            Setup for Moodle Scorm format

 The viewer will be permitted multiple sittings (if required) to complete the quiz. Any previous score from one sitting will accumulate towards the final score shown in the result slide. Upon completion of the quiz the participant will be permitted a retry of failed questions.  Any further retries will incur a time delay. This will continue until all failed questions have been answered correctly. The final result slide will indicate 100% correct for all questions. The format is to be prepared for Moodle LMS download. All the above criteria to function in the Moodle environment.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alan and welcome to Heroes! 

  • You can set quiz questions set to randomize within Storyline using question banks, and when you set up the question you'll have the option to shuffle the answers as well. 
  • If you're looking for the user to be able to close the browser window and reaccess the course from where they left off, you can set up the Resume behavior to always resume - although you'll also want to check with your LMS  if they will control Resume behavior and if so,mark the box labeled When running in LMS, ignore Flash cookie
  • If you'd like the user to only retry the questions they fail, you'll want to use a method similar to the one described here by Jeanette
  • I'm not certain what you mean by time delay, but you can set the Results slide with a passing percentage of 100% so that the user is always prompted with the Retry quiz button. 
  • See above regarding the passing percentage
  • You'll want to publish for LMS, and choose the appropriate SCORM type for your Moodle set up. 
Alan J

Thanks Ashley for your suggestions to set up a template that allows students to redo failed questions. I was able to duplicate Jeanette's three question sample that you suggested but I found the macros process cumbersome. It requires too many formulas for each question and with 20 plus questions in a quiz the process is too long. 

Is there a simpler way?  Is it possible to use the data on the results slide to recognize failed questions and then apply that information to a formula that allows a retry of the failed questions. Can many formulas be reduced to two or three?