Template - Toggle background music on/off across scenes

Apr 24, 2014

Hey all, 

So thanks to many awesome threads (didn't link b/c I can't remember who to credit, sorry!),  I was able to figure out how to toggle a variable and use layers to control background music across scenes.  It's pretty easy to do this on one slide, but having the effect persist can be quite a pain!  Thus, I wanted to share the solution I came across.  

If you'd like to have a background sound track, but want to give users the ability to control if that bg music plays across their scenes, use the trick shown in the attached template to do so. 

Here is a brief summary of the steps: 

  1. Create a toggle button that toggles a true/false variable.
  2. Create a layer on your slides that holds the bg music.
  3. At start of timeline, show layer if true.
  4. On layer - play media (bg music) at start of timeline if audio = true (don't really need this condition, but a nice safety net)

For other tips on how to control background music look at this thread (I had it bookmarked): 


Thanks all, 


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