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Mar 13, 2014

Hi. I created a set of custom Storyline slides and saved them as a template to use for creating new courses (title slide, quiz slide, ...)

Some of my colleagues have older PPT files to which they want to apply the new slide designs after importing into Storyline. So, they really need a theme, not a template. 

I have saved the template as a theme, in the default location, but they do not appear as an option when I try to apply them at the Design tab... I only see the default themes that come with Storyline.

What am I doing wrong? 

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Mike Taylor

Hi Katt! Welcome to the community. Did you create your theme from the Slide Master area? That should allow you to set the color & font themes plus include any elements from your slide masters into your custom Design Theme. It should appear on the Design tab when  you're back in the normal view with the others after you save it from the slide master. There are details in this tutorial. 

Katt B
Hi, Mike.

No, I didn't use the Master Slide feature. I was creating templates, believing that the slides would only need to be used to create new courses.. Converting PPT slides to Storyline was a later ask.

Is there any way to save a template as a theme?

If not, is there any way to import the template slides into the Master slide functionality other than via cut and paste?

Thanks again for the help!

Mike Taylor

If you save your design elements including your color scheme and fonts on the slide master you should be able to "Save Current Theme..." and make it available to reuse again for future projects.  The design theme is nice to apply to existing content while the template makes a good starting point when creating new content. 

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