test mode - short-cut keys bug?

Jun 29, 2015


I notice that lately in the courses I create, the shortcut keys on test mode don't work (when previewing and after publishing) unless the users click on the screen and then use the short-cut key. This can be really annoying, first because they don't know they need to click on the screen and second because when you have a lot of short-cuts in a course it is kind of silly to do this every time.

I'm not sure but I think this started after the last update. I always use the same template for the courses, I even built a copy of the template from scratch to see if it would solve it, but nothing seems to work. 

To make things worse, I republished all the courses on our LMS after the last update so that all the text entry fields would be in focus (another bug in SL2 that took ages to solve) and now they seem to all have the same problem with the short-cuts.

Anyone experiencing this as well? It would be interesting to know if some had the same problem and was able to work around it before I send this to the helpdesk to be investigated.


EDIT: I created a course to exemplify. Apparently in this course this only happens with the 2nd slide and sometimes with the 3rd.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Maria,

Thanks for sharing that example here. I know that this was something that didn't work in Update 4, but believed it was working as expected in Update 5. I've tested your file and experienced the same thing, so I'm going to share this example with our QA team for additional review. The previous workarounds were to instruct the user to click on the slide prior to pressing the keys or set up a object to appear on the timeline after .01 seconds (this object can be off stage as well). 

Maria Campos

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the tips, I submitted a case yesterday #00591591, in case you want to follow up.

We use the screen recordings to do software simulations, so instructing the learners to click before they use the short-cut keys defeats the purpose of the simulation as we'd like them to take the steps as they would in a real life situation.

I think I'll try to set an object to appear on the timeline and see how it works.


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