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I'am preparing a test mode simulation on StoryLine2 and I have 3 questions :

1) The simulation aims to show to a final user how to fill and submit a form. The problem is that the final user has to fill the fields in the same order in which the simulation was created (so if he changes the order which is correct too, an alert of incorrect response will appear). Is there a solution in SL that allows the final user filling the fields in  any order ?

2)  Could Storyline 2 take keyboard button into account ? For example, if I need to click on F2 keyboard button to display a screen.. could storyline take this into account when recording the case?

3)  My last question is about how Storyline2 is calculating the score at the end of the test mode simulation. In the simulation, the final user needs to click on zones and enter data to win points. Can you please tell me how storyline is calculating the points by click and data entering or other ways...?

Many thanks

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Imen!

When you record your screen, and insert into test mode, it is following the order that you created the screen cast in. If you go into the individual slides, you should be able to edit as you wish.

I'm not familiar with utilizing the function keys within a simulation, but I know that some users have discussed this before.

If you check out the individual slides, you should be able to see how Storyline is 'scoring' your test slide. You could edit that if needed as well.