Using Function (F1-F9) Keys in a simulation

Sep 17, 2013

Hi everyone,

 Perhaps the answer is right in front of me but I'm having a problem with the function keys.

The simulation I'm creating is a screen recording of a system that ONLY uses Function keys to move between screens. Well, that works pretty well for the recording but when I try to preview it, hitting the F2 key actually ends the preview.

So my first question is "Where do I go to adjust/turn off the shortcut/function keys so that I can preview the entire simulation"

The second issue is this, when I published the project in order to test the Function keys, F2 worked but F3 brought up the search function in my Browser!!

Does this mean that I have to figure a workaround for the function keys because otherwise I'd have to tell them to disable shortcut keys in their browsers?


Thanks for your help! You guys are always super helpful!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anna,

 I'm not aware of a way to reassign the keys. However, even if you were able to do so, it may cause issues after you've published and distributed your course to your learners. This is because the function keys will behave differently depending on the web browsers being used, as well as Flash, etc.

You may want to review this thread where other community members have discussed using the function keys. 

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