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Good morning, Heroes.

I'm building a very interactive software simulation, and need to allow the user to press Backspace OR the Delete key. The idea is to keep the process as intuitive as possible without having to prompt the user which key to press to remove data. My experience in ILT versions of this training is that it is nearly half/half as to which key the users will choose, many times based on whether the user's experience is with a laptop, or with a full-sized keyboard.

Obviously Storyline doesn't allow choosing multiple correct shortcut keys in the quiz setup, so I'm trying to find a workaround. Right now I have chosen the Backspace key in the actual Shortcut Key quiz question setup. 

My hope is that there is a way to add two triggers with the following logic:

Mark interaction as correct Shortcut Keys 1 - "Shortcut Keys"


User Presses: Num Del key


Submit Interaction  Shortcut Keys 1 - "Shortcut Keys"


User Presses: Num Del key

So far I can't find any way to add a trigger that marks the interaction as correct. Does anyone have any great insight?

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Daniel Mitchell

Here's a small sample story file I threw together to re-create the issue slide without you having to wade through an entire project. Forgive the sloppy look, etc. I placed notes on the slides to show what the intent is.

The issue is on slide 1.2

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help,

Daniel Mitchell

Harri C

Hi Daniel,

I've had a quick look at your file and it appears to be a bit of a tricky one to resolve without creating lots of extra work.

I've had a go at altering your slide (my attempt it 1.3) to trick SL into selecting the correct feedback. I've used a freeform pick one question to set it up and placed the correct/incorrect buttons off screen. It will probably require a lot of rearranging as I'm not at all familiar with the type of interaction you're trying to achieve.

Hope this helps (to some extent) 

Daniel Mitchell

OK. So it works in the sense that it doesn't get stuck or score the slide as incorrect. However, I can't seem to get it to score as correct either. I get to the end of the quiz with a 100% score, but the score is numerically lower than I expected by 10 pts.

I'm attaching a new version, and this time I added a second scene. One has your attempt, Harri, and one is my re-creation. They both give me the same result....

I may have to choose to be ok with not scoring that slide, but it's not my preference.