Test mode - text entry fields help

When I use a screen recording in test mode, the text entry fields are not selected when I preview. The user has to click on the field to be able to type, but that is not the way the software works. This is not the first time I record the screen of this same software, but it is the first time I encounter this problem and I am using the same process I always do.

The only difference is, I upgraded to storyline 2 last week, this worked just fine in storyline 1. 

EDIT: Another thing I found out meanwhile is that if the navigation is set to Restricted the SUBMIT button won't work after typing the text, so it gets stuck on that slide!! I found out this thread about the Restricted navigation in SL2 https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/restricted-navigation they refer problems with the NEXT button but I am experiencing the same problem with the SUBMIT button, even after the time line completes I can't use the button!!

now, I am seriously starting to regret upgrading, so far things seem to have gotten worse...I'm really disappointed...

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Maria Campos

I shall do that, thanks!

And the fact that the submit button doesn't work when the navigation is set to restricted, is that going to be fixed? I couldn't find any information about that, besides the thread I referred in my OP, but they talk about the next button not the submit button.