testing with options - need help

Apr 04, 2018

I'd like to pose a test at the end of my course, I'm writing. SO I created a QuestionBank (Check) and also made the answers random (so that employees can't write down the answers on a stick and put it on the display for others to cruise through).

Here's what I need to learn and know, please.

  1. I give the user 2 attempts to get the answer correct and I've set that in the question bank. But, when they try a second time, their answers from the first time are still there. Can these be wiped clean? - I've set each 'When revisiting- reset to initial state' - but it doesn't appear to do that for the second attempt.
  2. When a user goes through the test, I've placed a generic Results slide at the end. If they fail how can I give the learner the option to try again? (Currently there is a review button, but not much else. I can create a button with a trigger to go to the start of the question bank again.
  3. The user is to have 2 attempts at the complete test. After that, I'm being asked if the course can tell them they can only retest after 24hrs. Is this possible in SL?

I'll stop there and wait and hope that there's an easier fix than I've been winding myself into trying to get.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lawrence,

Great questions.

1. When you have the attempts set on the individual questions, holding the last response is the expected behavior.

2. You can add a Retry option right on your Result Slide, it's a built in feature. This will add your triggers to reset the results and jump back to the first question.

3. Storyline can control the attempts for the 'session' and anything outside of that or a re-set for the learner would need to be handled within your LMS.

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