Text alignment changing after publication

I've had problems with text moving around after publication in Presenter, and it appears there's a similar issue in Storyline.

I have a couple shapes with text that are aligned to the middle of the shape. But when I preview or publish the text drifts upwards. Doesn't looks so good. 

Any ideas on how to fix?

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Lieven Van Den Hoeven


I see this remark is still alive, I have the same experience. Titles set up in the master slide:

Main title aligned to the left

Subtitle to the right

But when previewing or publishing both are centric aligned. Tried several of the above measures, none worked :-(

What is the current advise on this issue?


Michele Knechtel

Was this issue resolved? I have just seen this happen in my file. I have Storyline 360 (active subscription) and had a simple text box on top of a "speech bubble" caption. When previewing the slide, it looks absolutely fine, but when it's published and uploaded to the LMS, the text box is not centered as it should be - it drops to the bottom of the bubble. There are no variables or triggers associated with this text.