Text and Scrolling Panel Focus Order

Jun 17, 2021

Hi there,

I am really trying to ensure I get my focus order correct these days.  I have a slide that has a scrolling panel as the SME gave me "way to much" text :0.  In the focus order I get the "Text" as one item and I get the "Scrolling panel" as another option. Does anyone know if I need both in the focus order and if I do which one should come first?

Screenshot attached.


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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Teresa.

Thank you for reaching out!

The focus order window shows both options (Scrolling panel and text) because you can have additional objects within the same scrolling panel. 

Since the text is on the screen already, and screen readers will automatically read it regardless of the focus order of the scrolling panel, I would suggest ordering it as:

  1. Alarm: Air-In-Line - Howtext1
  2. Alarm: Air-In-Line - Scrolling Panel 1

Let me know if this answers your question!