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Peter Anderson

Edward Springer said:

Thanks Kevin,

I just knew it would turn out to be something so simple I would end up being embarrased for publicly asking the question. For some reason, I was thinkning that it had to be complicated.

If it makes you feel better, Edward, I was just about to share an overly-complicated and ridiculous file with you until I hit refresh and Kevin had narrowly saved me the public shaming of simplicity

Kevin Thorn


I'm sure you will both agree "embarrassment" is not allowed in this forum. No question is an embarrassing one. 

I will add that if you hit the Enter key before typing in the text entry field it will indeed show the layer. That simple approach does not tie the two together - text entry and that trigger.

Peter, this is probably where you were going with your approach.

Combined with some visuals and timing of instructions, you could have the text entry appear first with instructions to type in text. Once the text entry loses focus, show the next instruction to press Enter key (initially set to hidden). Additionally, I'd add a condition to the Next button by adding a trigger not to allow advancement until the "Enter key" instructions are Normal.

It's a starting place at best.