Key presses are malfunctioning in slide layers

Nov 15, 2016

So here is the problem.

I have created a module that is largely text input based or pressing a key (ENTER) to show a slide layer.

For example,

Start on base, input text, press ENTER (show slide layer A) <goes to A>

Slide Layer A - input some text, press ENTER (show slide layer B) <goes to B>

Slide Layer B - input some test, press ENTER (show slide layer C) <GOES to A>

Back at A - (text is visible), press ENTER (show slide layer B) <goes to B>

And now we are in this endless loop of slide layer A>B>A>B etc etc etc.

I have created layer triggers that should show another layer when user presses ENTER key.

I have created trigger that sets the textentry equal to value of textentry when user presses ENTER.

I have created trigger to show layer when user presses ENTER while on textentry object.

If I would have done this on regular slides without the slide layers, it works.  

I just don't want to loose time converting from slide layers to slides when this should have worked in the first place!



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Walt! Sorry you've run into this issue with the slide layers. It sounds like you've already tried some workarounds on your own. If you don't mind sharing your slide, I would be happy to take a look at it along with you. Sometimes when you've been looking at the same slide for so long, it helps to have a second or third pair of eyes to assist. :)

Just click the Add Attachment button at the bottom of the reply window to share the file.

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