Text Box appearing

I am new to SL 360.   I have a slide.  I want to have a text box that appears on the screen shortly after the slide appears.    I've tried to create the text box as a layer and set a trigger for the layer to appear .5 after timeline starts.   It never appears when I preview.

I also tried with creating a trigger to change the state of the text box to normal when the timeline reaches.  That didn't work either.

My end goal; I have a slide with a picture which is static.  I want the slide to begin and around .5 seconds after that to have the text box appear.   I want to add a hot spot on the picture.  After the text box is read, the user can click the hot spot and the text box 1 becomes hidden and another text box appears.

What is the best way to do that?   

I am new to 360 so maybe a call would be a good way to talk me through this.

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