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Apr 21, 2014

I'm fairly new to Storyline and learning as I go. My new challenge is the following...

I've been asked to create a data entry assessment where users will enter text in a field as the audio information is provided. Thanks to this great forum I've managed to get my tabbing between text entry fields working, but now need some help around triggering the audio that will provide the information users must type in.

The idea is that when they tab into a text entry field, it will trigger the audio details required to be entered in that field.  I'm undecided on whether I'll be recording the audio directly into storyline or using a sound file (so far I've been playing with it using record mic) but it's the trigger piece that has me stumped. Thought I could use states with the entry boxes but they don't allow me to add or edit states.


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elizabeth klein

Thanks Rehan! But it's the "tabbing" into the box that I want to trigger the audio. I'm basically trying to simulate a typing test within a form. I was hoping with the use of variables and such that I can make the audio play when the user "tabs" into the box or when the box becomes "active" by way of the cursor being in it. I'm probably way out there with my request but I'm hoping there's a way we can trick it to make it happen

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Elizabeth and welcome to Heroes! 

Using the tab key to trigger the audio would be tricky, as the tab key is generally part of accessibility features such as described here, although depending on your audience you could disable it for those elements on the slide (except the player). You may want to use the click in the box as the trigger like Rehan mentioned. 

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