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John Botham

Thanks, but the cursor did not appear when I tried your solution. I have found by experiment that the text entry box must be the first item to appear on the slide for the cursor to appear. If another item starts with it, the cursor is missing. This is going to make my construction of the slide very difficult. Do you have any other advice?

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi John,

So, I find that placing the text entry at the bottom works. Attached are two identical slides with 4 objects on them. The only difference:

1.1 has the text entry object at the bottom of the timeline - and the cursor shows

1.2 has the text entry object at the top of the timeline - and the cursor doesn't show

In order to get the cursor to show upon revisiting 1.1, I had to set it to reset to initial state.

It doesn't matter if items starts at the same time, as long as the text entry is at (for me) the bottom.

Please shout out with any questions.

John Botham

Hi Rebecca,

Your demo works well, but in my slide it doesn't work unless the text entry it is the only item at the playhead. I am using a text entry interaction - is that causing the problem. I have attached my slide. If you move the 'busy' text off the playhead, the cursor appears.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi John,

Yes, I believe it IS because you're using the pre-built text entry interaction. Sorry, I missed that in your first post...was interpreting text entry interaction as simply meaning you'd inserted a text entry box for interaction!

Take a look at this thread, and begin reading at around April 8th, 2013 where Jonathan Bacon poses a question (he's using a pre-built FIB) and then keep reading on through June 3 where I bumped the question and where Christine (staff member) has responded

Heather Cody

I struggled a couple of days with this. To save you some time, here is what I've found. If your text entry box is already on the bottom, move in up and then back down. For whatever reason, it seems to work after moving it. My customers also wanted the text box to be blank each time the user tried the activity. If you need this, attached is a screen shot of my triggers.