Text Entry Fields Lose Focus Immediately

I need to make an edit to a Storyline 360 course I last updated in 2020. When I load the *.story file and preview the slide where I need to make the edit--and I'm doing this BEFORE making any edits--I see that it no longer works correctly.

The page is an interactive hazardous waste form. The learner is asked to fill out the form correctly based on some information provided about the hazardous waste plus some other necessary info like "today's" date, the room number and phone number, etc.

Most of the entries on the form--for example, the Building field and the Room number field--are implemented as text entry fields into which the learner is supposed to type the correct value. Triggers then check to make sure the value is correct. If it is, another trigger changes the outline around the field to green. If it isn't, a trigger changes the outline around the field to red instead. These triggers run when the field loses focus.

Back in 2020, when I last updated this file, this code worked perfectly. But today when I load the same file into the more recent version of Storyline 360, several fields lose focus immediately upon page-launch, even though they've never been given focus yet and hence shouldn't be triggering code that runs when they lose focus.

I've extracted the slide that shows this problem and have simplified it somewhat by removing some of the fields that also lose focus immediately. It's attached to this post.

The Building and Room fields and their associated triggers are very similar, yet one (Building) doesn't lose focus on page launch, and the other (Room) does. Why? And how do I prevent this weird focus-loss from triggering my field validation checks (which mark these fields as containing incorrect values even before the learner has had a chance to enter any)? Why do only some fields's lose focus triggers run immediately while others that are essentially identical do not?

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Ray Cole

Hi Lauren,

Thank you for giving it a try and for the video of what you saw when you did! That is definitely not what I see when I launch the page. However, I am running a different Storyline build--I'm on Build 3.54.25674.0

I will try updating to the latest Build and see if that clears things up. I will report back here after I've done so.