Text entry font continuity

Mar 24, 2015

Can anyone tell me why the font size and offset of a text entry field changes so much between the editor, and in preview (published, too) between initial text and when the user enters text - and whether there's something I can do to avoid the issue? It's making things look really ugly...

I've attached a sample file, and screenshots showing the variation on the text.

1) within the application (the size and position I want)

2) within the preview showing initial typed value (notice it's now smaller and offset to the top left)

3) within the preview showing user-entered text (2px lower and 7px right of the initial value)

I can mess around moving it in the editor and checking in preview until it's 'right' when published, but if it's going to change between the initial text and the text the user then enters, it's never going to look good! Help? :(

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