Text Entry issue: Unable to delete trigger "Set unassigned equal to a value When the control loses focus"

While working with Text Entry fields, I find that I end up with duplicate triggers which get created automatically. First of all, I'm not sure why the software would allow for multiple triggers to set text equal to a value, but more importantly, the trash can icon and delete key do not work to remove these secondary triggers.

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Joseph Benton

After I posted this, I see there were others who had asked about the same issue. A staff member replied without identifying this as a bug or that it would be treated as such like nearly every software vendor would do.

Any staff members care to comment about this as a bug and possible remedy on behalf of Articulate to fix this issue?

Joseph Benton

Well, Walt, I have been using Storyline for 5 years now so I really don't
agree. Maybe you need to start using some of the best practices to avoid
corruption because I learned quick how to make sure they don't happen.
Thank you for your input. I am looking for a solution at this point.

Joseph Benton

Sure, here's a copy of the relevant project. I did find that if I intentionally add a new text entry field that I am able to delete it, so I'm not sure why I can't delete these.

I think this is the other thread with a similar problem: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/unable-to-delete-triggers


Crystal Horn

Hi Joseph.  I see the extra triggers that can't be deleted.  And you're right -- adding a new text entry field on that slide doesn't produce an extra trigger.  Neither does doing a copy/paste of the existing text entry fields.

Interestingly, when I imported your slide into a new project, here's what I saw:

I don't see the C1, E1, O1 or R1 variables in your project.  If those variables are a clue for you, can you provide any insight on their source?  Were those variables that you originally created?  Did you copy these text entry fields from another slide and rename the variables?

We'll see if we can replicate the behavior with some additional information.

Thanks as always, Walt, for lending a hand here, too!