Text entry not answering correctly


Hopefully someone can shed some little on this little issue I am experiencing.

We have a question bank involving different question types including text entry.

Whilst in preview and testing all works well, since we went live with the quiz we are getting numerous reports the text entry question is not feeding back correctly.

The text entry is not case sensitive but users are getting incorrect layer on answering if upper case or lower case are used even though the answer is correct.

I would say that the quiz is launched through our moodle/totara LMS and is accessed on various devices mobile/tablet/laptop and different browsers (chrome we always recommend). The error seems to be occurring across a variety of these devices and browsers.

I have attached an example question we have the error with, there are other text entry questions also experiencing the same issue within the same QB.

Have I missed something? is there a simple fix?

Thank you in advance.


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Ren Gomez

Hi Adam,

Thanks for sharing your file and those additional details! I tried testing your file as well and couldn't replicate the issue.

Since Wendy was gracious enough to test your file in SCORM Cloud too, I'd suggest reaching out to your LMS and digging a little further into the issue. 

Let us know if any progress is made on it!

Adam Kenworthy

Hi Gomez,

Based on what Wendy was saying it has made me wonder if not using the submit button and a next button instead could be the culprit.

But that said when text entry is used people are more likely, and often press Enter after inputting text so would that make any difference if the button in place is next or submit.

David Schwartz
Adam Kenworthy

Hi Everyone,

Wanted to update you on what we have recently discovered as to why this issue seems to be occurring.

And yes, it seems to be related to a space character after the inputted word.

The error only seems to occur when a mobile device like phone or tablet is being used. When a user was typing out the answer on their device keyboard the predictive text generates the word, so the user will press on the word generated by the predictive text (like in the screen shot added). When the word is selected from predictive text it is inputted into the text box but the predictive text will also automatically add a space character after the word, the device keyboard thinks you are making a sentence hence the automatic space added.

I would say this is way SCORM Cloud could not replicate the issue as we use PC/laptop keyboard so no space was added.

And off course with the answers in form view being single words the text entry word+space is seen as incorrect. The way we have got round this now is additional answer options with a space. This seems to of worked.

I am going to look at David java solution, thanks David for your input.

I don't mean the above to insult anyone's experienced intelligence, but maybe handy for those newer to text entry to be aware of this.

Thanks everyone for your input.