Text Entry on iPad - need user to tap "return"

Apr 02, 2015



I am creating an input field with "Text Entry Field". It's everything ok on PC and Android. But on iPad, the last character of the inputting string seemed to be not recognized (the whole string is shown in the input box), unless the user tap on "return" on the virtual keyboard of the ipad.

For example : input "have to". I display the TextEntry value by : %textentry% and it only shows "have t".

It may be confusing to the user because the user see the whole string on the input box, and can tap on Submit button without tapping the "return" button.

Please advise on how to make the whole string recognized without tapping the "return" button on the virtual keyboard.


Thanks in advance





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Emily Ruby

Hi Anh,

Are you seeing this through a LMS or through web publish? I want to verify you are using the latest update of Storyline 2, found here.

I ran a test file on an iPad with text entry and a variable reference, and it did show all the letters in the text entry. Normally the text entry is set to show typed value when the control loses focus, so they would need to at least hit the "done" button on the keyboard.

Do you have a file we could test?

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