Text Entry Validation

May 06, 2019

Dear all,

I am new to Storyline. For one of my courses, I would like to display the leaner's name in selected slides.  For example, "Hi #username, welcome to this course". I found the Text Entry option. However, I don't know how to validate the entry. 

My condition is that, 

I have a text entry field, where the learner enters their name. Then, the Start button originally in the disabled state changes to Normal state. The button should be enabled only when the learner enters a character in the text entry field.

I am unable to implement this Storyline. Can anyone help me find solution for this?

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Randy Hill

So basically you are looking to change the state of the Start button to enabled when the user has entered text in the Name text entry field correct? 

So your first step is to create the Start button and under states have it's Initial state be set to disabled. Place your text entry field and enter the temporary text to be 'Enter name here' or something like that. This will automatically create a variable title "TextEntry". 

Your trigger to change the state of your start button to normal will be will be as such: Change the state of Start button to normal when TextEntry variable changes. 

Then anytime you want to put the users name into a text box you just enter it as %TextEntry%. For example your text box text could read "Welcome %TextEntry% to this course."

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