Text entry will not reset

Jul 19, 2016

I have a text entry box that is meant to reset to blank when a learner enters the wrong number. To do this, I've got a 'try again' layer with a trigger to jump to the same slide. This slide is set to 'reset to initial state'.

When I test the slide by putting in the wrong number, this figure remains in the text entry box and I can't alter it.

Can anyone help with what I'm getting wrong?

NB Have also tried putting a trigger on the 'try again' layer resetting the text entry variable to blank. This removes the number but I can't enter any new text.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Katherine -- Thanks for reaching out, and I see that Wendy has stopped in to assist! Perhaps if issues persist, you may want to consider sharing your file here for additional insights. You would be able to use the grey ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom left of the reply box and you can attach from there. 

Katherine Redfern

That's a very good question, Wendy. It was a text entry even though it contained numbers. I don't know why I did that.

Have changed it to a numeric entry and it's better insofar as I can now delete a wrong entry.

Is there any way to set the entry box to blank when the timeline starts? I see I can set the variable to 0, but that doesn't replicate the behaviour I'm trying to demonstrate.

Thanks for all your help.


Wendy Farmer

Hi Katherine

as far as I know it will default to 0 and not blank because it is a number...

you could try to trick it.

Place a shape same colour as your text entry field that is in hidden state to start with, then on the try again layer gets triggered to normal which will be covering the zero - then when the user clicks in the field it changes state to hidden again.

Not tested - let me know how you go.

If not, maybe someone else can chime in with a response

Ren Gomez

Hi Sathish,

One way to reset the text in a text entry question slide is to create a trigger to:

1. Set the text entry variable to blank when the timeline starts. 

2.  And adjust the slide properties to Reset to initial state.


I've attached a sample file for you to review as well. Hope this helps!

Shiv Naresh

Hi I am facing a issue with text entry. The value entered is not getting reset on revisit, even after setting the its value to blank. The entered value is there in invisible state(can be seen on selection).

Also, for some spelling mistake the red underline which comes can be seen in the feedback layer.

I am using Storyline 3(3.11). Is this a issue in SL??


Katie Riggio

Hello, Shiv!

Thanks for reaching out and sharing those helpful details. I'm happy to review each issue with you:

  1. I downloaded Ren's ResetTextEntry.story file where I'm having difficulty recreating any issues in Storyline 3 Update 11. Here's a quick video demo

    Would you mind if we take a look at your file to see the snag? You can use this private upload link
  2. We have an open bug in Storyline 3 where red spell-check lines on a layer are visible on other layers when they should be hidden. I'll share your screenshot with my team so we can notify you of any changes! 

    One workaround is to remove the layer and create a separate slide instead, if possible.
Lee Brand

Hi There, 

I was really struggling with this same issue and I think I have resolved it using the advice from above and also adding another trigger.

  1. Set the text entry variable to blank when the timeline starts on the base layer.
  2. And adjust (variable) the slide properties to Reset to initial state.
  3. Add a trigger to the 'Try Again' layer - Jump to this slide when the user clicks try again.This seems to reset the timeline which enables step 1 to occur.
  4. I also added a trigger to the success slide - Jump to next slide.
Tania Huggins

Hi there, 

I  have 6 text entry questions which are scored with a variable and results displayed on a Results slide.

Each question slide has the option to retry 3 times

Each question slide is set to reset to initial state on all layers as well as the variable

I have cleared the text boxes when the user reurns using the trick above


When the user fails and clicks "Try Again" on the results page they cannot input anything into the Text Entry box on the first question 

am I missing something?

Thanks for your help


Luciana Piazza

Hi Tania!

Glad to hear you were able to resolve the issue on your end! No worries, we've all been there! 

Also, I wanted to invite you to our tips and tricks webinars. At 11am ET every Thursday, our training team hops on a live call to answer top questions from our customers.

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Hope to see you there!